How Close?

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How close have you been to yourself?

I’ll pause a while, for you to recollect…

You ask, what close!

Literal close, or metaphorical close?

Yeah, I mean either or both!

Stood pressed to the mirror, at an inch’s distance from your own image

While you plucked that black-head off your nose?

– But did you hear your own breathing in that closeness?

Saw yourself bare

And touched every nook and corner of that body?

– But did that bring you the warmth and feeling of being caressed and cocooned?

Prodded every thought and statement in your head,

While sitting with a cup in your hand and wrinkles on your head?

– But did that sound comforting and reassuring,

To leave the sofa with hopeful gleaming eyes at the end of the conversation?

If it did not!


Then you are miles away from being close,

Rather too close to being farthest away from your most palliative self!

And if it really always did!

Ah! you are being cuddled by an innocuous being,

Who is the best “enough” for yourself, for oneself!



Sharing my experiences at work, at life | UX Designer at Airtel | Ex-Software Engineer at Adobe | Ambassador at

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